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From the MD’s Desk

Driven by an Enduring Spirit of Commitment and Excellence, we strive to achieve the highest and healthiest standards including quality-living for the people of our country. Our endeavor will be to improve the quality of life of the millions of farmers of our country who have created a miracle - Indian dairy, transforming a stagnant industry to the world’s largest dairying nation. The diverse activities shall be controlled by its key people who are driven by an indomitable spirit for growth and dynamism. At  K K MILK FRESH INDIA LIMITED, we understand that our success shall depend upon our ability to work as a team to achieve our goals and fulfill consumer's expectations, without who we may not exist. We intend to bring additions to your food plate by the year 2014 by marking the launch of our products in the market.

Our logo FRESCHEZZA not only reflects our company’s commitment towards quality and the environment but also echoes how our company is about to enter a branding runway.

Chand Narian Kuchroo

Managing Director